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Kiosk Profi A2 Book Scanner

Kiosk Profi A2 Book Scanner

The book2net Profi (formerly known as Kiosk Production) is one of the most successful and versatile A2 book scanners on the international market and impresses with its extraordinary image quality and productivity

• Selectable options: 300 dpi / 400 dpi / 600 dpi
• 0.3 sec. scanning time (double-sided color @ 400 dpi)
• 2.2 sec. processing time (scanning + imaging + storage)
• 12 cm depth of field
• 15 cm height adjustment
• 10 cm book spine width
• USB 3.0 interface
• Optimized for OCR applications through reduced signal noise

A2 book scanner for the most gentle, energy and light saving digitization

Fragile historical books, modern books, magazines, documents, files or bounded materials – thanks to its self-regulating conservational book cradle , the book2net Profi can handle a wide variety of items. It guarantees a particularly gentle treatment of the original and enables relaxed scanning process.

Thanks to its high depth of field and the optical book fold optimization (BFO) specially integrated into our matrix sensor technology, the book2net Profi also guarantees constant image sharpness across the entire surface and delivers thus an excellent scan result even on uneven, wavy surfaces.

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