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book2net has developed a new method for multispectral analysis of documents and drawings. Single scans or series of scans can be launched at definable nanometer intervals. The scan results can be superimposed and analyzed with pixel accuracy. The book2net method works without changing the filter (thus vibration-free) and without post-correction of sharpness and focus in the spectral ranges (to the exact pixel scale).

• Spectral photography
• High-resolution matrix color sensor
• Multispectral range 365 – 1150 nm
• No physical filters, no filter changes
• 3 LED light lines with homogeneous broadband -Spectral ranges (UV, IR, VIS)
• Homogeneous area illumination
• Real color recording in Metamorfoze, Fadgi-4Star and ISO / TS-19264-1
• System calibration
• Standardized scanning processes
• Constant focus and aperture setting of UV-IR
• Intuitive operation

We reveal secrets and make the invisible visible:

The book2net Multispectral System is an innovative, non-invasive tool for scientific and material analyzes, for forensics and for the comprehensive documentation of works of art, including origin, authenticity or condition. With the help of our system, up to 11 captures in a wide variety of wavelength ranges and their combinations can be generated within a few seconds in fully automatic processes.

The visualization of faded fonts is just as possible as the representation of signatures, of material combinations in writing, drawing and painting materials or of traces of organic aging processes. Documents can also be checked for authenticity by analyzing the completeness of specific features.

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