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Spirit A3 Advance Book Scanner

Spirit A3 Advance Book Scanner

Efficient, robust and user-friendly – the book2net book2net Spirit advance is the sustainable alternative to copier systems and the ideal scanner for digitization in the office or in the public library and archive area.

• High-resolution image area sensor with 8 cm depth of field
• Real-time video preview, full image
• True-color color management (36-bit internal, 24-bit external)
• 0.2 sec. scanning time (color A3 +)
• Real time quality control
• Automatic exposure time
• Automatic focusing
• Automatic calibration

book2net Spirit: the modern scanning concept

Time-saving with high ease of use: the intuitive user interface allows even inexperienced users to get an excellent scan result in less than 1 second . The dynamic sensor image monitoring (Dynamic Control) automatically sets the optimal settings (light, intensity, shutter speed, color calibration) before each scan. The scan quality remains permanently at the highest level.

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