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Book2net Ultra A2 Book Scanner

Book2net Ultra A2 Book Scanner

High-performance A2 book scanner for the highest demands

The new book2net Ultra generation is presented in an elegant black design. The decision for the choice of color is not only dependent on aesthetic considerations, but also brings the user a decisive added value: The black housing prevents annoying back reflections and thus makes a decisive contribution to the constant quality assurance of the scans!

We have optimized the functionality of the book2net Ultra for you in order to guarantee the best conditions for ergonomic work and at the same time a smooth workflow even under demanding production conditions:

Improvements in the area of ​​lighting control and glare protection as well as an integrated monitor for scan previews increase user-friendliness significantly. The core of the new book2net Ultra is the innovative book cradle with electromagnetic, pressure-monitored glass plate, which offers the user the greatest possible variability and ease of use : six different control modes allow the movements of the glass plate and the book cradle as well as the pressure control to be precisely adjusted to the requirements of the templates.

The X71 not only sets new standards in the field of modern digital cameras, it is also the heart of all our scanners. Our CMOS sensor technology is the key technology of the system and enables high-resolution recordings of archival materials, books, cards, seals and objects of various sizes and structures. The X71 camera is characterized by first-class image quality, flexible handling and an unbelievable scan speed.

Color- binding from the camera : The unique true color management enables color-binding scans to be generated directly from the camera in accordance with the color spaces SRGB, Adobe 1998 RGB, ECI RGB V1 and ECI RGB V2, thus easily meeting all requirements of digitization guidelines, specifications and standards .

The advantage : Unlike the creation of an ICC profile which is calculated by a "calibration software" using a 24-bit color scan of an X-Rite Color Checker, True-Color uses the advantage of including all calculations and adjustments in the camera's internal imaging area with a depth of color and analysis of 48 bits. Colors are hit even more precisely and signal noise is minimized.

The result : METAMORFOZE, FADGI and ISO / TS 19264-1: 2017 compliant scan results.

Professional UV / IR and ozone free lighting system. With a light exposure of less than 2,500 lux and a service life of over 50,000 operating hours, the highest conservation and ecological requirements are met. The Fresnel lenses specially developed for the book2net lighting units are a significant technological advantage over lighting from other manufacturers. They ensure perfect light distribution and illumination. Unwanted and disruptive gradients and reflection effects, which otherwise occur in very light or very dark areas and also with shiny materials, are avoided.

Two operating modes:
1) Flash: The lamps light up slightly for the scan and then reduce their intensity again immediately after the scan. A heating up of the room, often annoying with permanent light, is avoided and at the same time the service life of the light units is extended considerably.

2) Continuous light: On request, it is possible to work with a higher "lamp bias", whereby the "brightening effect", if it is perceived as annoying, is omitted.

The new electromagnetic glass pressure offers unique variability and ease of use : six different control modes allow the user to adjust the movements of the glass plate, the book cradle and the pressure control precisely to the requirements of the documents to be digitized.



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